• Server Installation and Administration
  • Security and Privacy
    1. General

    2. What does Encrify provide to users?

      Encrify provides users an innovative and extremely easy-to-use solution that secures their communications from end to end. The solution includes an on-premise server and clients on smartphones or simply a modern browser.

    3. Why do you offer Encrify?

      We believe privacy is important to us all. Our communications with our colleagues at work, or with family and close friends, should be protected and only accessible to the people directly involved. Most popular instant messaging or social media apps store your communication data and your contacts on their servers in the cloud -- yes, they have a copy* of every piece of messages you sent and received. We want to help protect our privacy! Therefore, we offer you an innovative and extremely easy-to-use option to put everything under your control: all your data (including contacts) is on your on-premise server (that is, at your office or home), and all your communications are end-to-end encrypted so they are secure!

      * In fact, more than one copy of your data are stored in their infrastructure, for all kinds of purposes.

      Server Installation and Administration

    4. Where can I find the server installation file after I download it?

      Usually the file Encrifyme-x.y.msi is under your Downloads folder, if you didn't change the relevant settings of your browser. Sometimes it's in another folder, if you have changed your download setting of the specific browser (such as Chrome, Firefox or IE/Edge) that you used to download Encrifyme. Please check your browser settings to find the exact folder that stores your downloads.

    5. How do I install the server after download it?
      • Launch the server by double click it, and a Registration window will show up. Fill in a Server Name (e.g., Smith_Family, SoftwareLab, MarketingTeam) for your server, password, re-type your password, and a contact email. Click "OK" or press Enter.
      • Next, an "Email Verification" window will show up. Now you check your email box, copy the verification code from the email just sent to you by info@encrify.com, and paste it into the window; click "OK".
      • "Register Encrifyme account progress" window shows up.
      • Installation on Mac: click Finder, choose Application, right click Encrifyme, choose Open.
      • Installation on Ubuntu/Debian Linux: sudo dpkg -i   /path-to-the-file/Encrifyme-1.0.deb

    6. How long does it take to install the server?

      About 1 to 2 minutes on a PC or Mac.

    7. How do I launch the server after I install it?

      On Windows 10, click on "Search Windows", then type "encrify", and Encrifyme will show up in the search result list. Double-click on it and it will launch.

    8. What's next?

      Please add users and groups, and set a temporary password for each user on the server; then ask your users to download and install clients for their smartphones, or simply use a browser; and, start secure communication!

      Make sure:

      • User and/or Group names contain no non-alphanumeric character such as &.
      • Each of your users is in at least one group on your server, so that s/he sees a chat group after logging in.
    9. Can I run the server behind firewall/router?


    10. Do I need a public IP address for my server?


    11. Do I need to change my network equipments (firewall/router) to run the server?


    12. Security and Privacy

    13. Can Encrify.com see my communications (e.g., messages, files)?

      No! Your communications are end-to-end encrypted between your smartphone (or browser) and your on-premise server, using the same standard security technology (i.e., TLS) being used by online banking today. We believe user data belong to user, and we do NOT peek or store any single bit of it.

    14. What data about me and my users does Encrify.com store?

      To help users preserve their privacy is our uttermost goal and highest priority. We store only the following: 1) the server name you chose, 2) the email address you input, and 3) a hashed version of your password (so we don't know your password).

      In other words, Encrify.com has no way to know and to access the data about your users and groups. You (the administrator of the on-premise server) manage all your users and groups.

    15. Why do you keep my email address?

      We keep your email address to send you important notifications on critical upgrades. No third-party marketing email will be sent to you.

    16. Where are my users/groups stored?

      The users and groups are stored locally on the on-premise server ONLY. We believe user data belong to user, and we do NOT peek or store any single bit of it.

    17. Where are my messages/files stored?

      The messages and files (including pictures, audio clips, etc.) are stored locally on the on-premise server and on the involved users' smartphones. We believe user data belong to user, and we do NOT peek or store any single bit of it.

      All your messages/files/users/groups are stored in the encrifyme directory under your home directory on your machine.

    18. Where are my TLS certificate and private key?

      Your server's TLS certificate and private key are stored in encrifyme directory under your home directory on your machine. Please keep the private key secure, Encrify.com has no way to access your private key!

    19. Is the voice/video call encrypted?

      Yes. The voice/video call is end to end encrypted between the two parties, i.e., between the browser and browser, or between the browser and the mobile app, or between mobile apps. The voice/video call is based on webrtc.

    20. Can the user on my server chat with his/her friends on other chat apps?

      Yes. User can generate an instant chat link on mobile app/browser, sends this link to his/her friend on other chat app, and then starts communications powered by Encrify. All the communications are end-to-end secured over your server.